Макарская высказалась об истинных причинах бездетности населения
The actress made a bold statement on your Network.

Anton Makarsky with a daughter Masha and son Vanya

Photo: @Instagram makarskie Anton and Victoria Makarska

Victoria Makarska raised in social networks the issue that concerns thousands of couples that fervently, but to no avail, are considering the addition to the family. The actress admitted that some time ago has got knowledge, perhaps explaining the causes of infertility in the population. His reflections on this theme she voiced on the page in social networks.

“One day, I read an article by a scientist. Can’t remember the name, don’t remember the author… Only then I appreciated its meaning, and rethink the essence, but the look is not. Very busy right now… well, it was written about the smell of the human body. Scientist conducted its own research, and proved that it is a personal scent for each person contains all the genetic information about him, due to which people of the opposite sex “reads” the scent of DNA and the genetic code that cause a reaction of the strong attraction of one person to another, to conceive as healthy and intelligent child!The scientist claimed that the unique mechanism of nature (for me personally — God), allows for the natural smell of fall in love unconscious, and it is easy to conceive the healthy and intelligent man, of an heir… got it?

I noticed this article because I remembered the words of Anton, when he made me an offer: “I will marry you because of the smell!” Anton forbids me to wear even the most “delicious” and expensive perfume… Says that the spirits prevent him from “feel me”. That’s why I drew attention to this article. Now, let’s think! Why now a lot of infertile couples? Why not the real thing described by all the poets of the supernatural, the inexplicable pull towards each other? How can “smell” present in the cloud himonya smells, washing powders, perfumes and spirits? In this “hemosa” to feel and distinguish the smell of his man to fulfill the commandment: “be fruitful and multiply”?

We will remind that Victoria and Anton, 13 years unsuccessfully trying to conceive children. The birth of a daughter Masha and son Vanya became a real miracle for the couple. The couple have been through many specialists and endured a failed IVF. Victoria first told me that getting pregnant helped her faith.