Катя Гордон показала новорожденного сына The actress shared a touching photo with the baby. The woman published a picture in his Instagram. Despite the fact that the heir businesswoman born on Sunday, Gordon did not hide the child from prying fans.

      Катя Гордон показала новорожденного сына

      Kate Gordon became a mother in the night from 19 to 20 Feb. Birth of a star took place in difficult conditions. The stories of the woman, she lost more than four liters of blood, and for the health businesswoman fought several dozen doctors. Katia remembers that it was a real challenge for her because Gordon was not assumed that the second birth would be so painful.

      Kate Gordon almost died during childbirth

      Shortly before the woman was shocked users of the Network, when posted on Instagram the video, which told that she already water broke and she’s heading to the hospital. Fans were surprised to see how calmly he behaved celebrity. She didn’t panic and tried to control myself. Kate didn’t think it would happen so soon. Now she enjoys the second heir and shares his thoughts on social media.

      “In my life there were a lot of people: hypocritical princesses, foul Trinkaus guitars, knights, waving swords so that they are rather cut off my ears than have defeated the beast, there were many people remembered me when I was needed and speculators vparivayut me of the old truth and splinty. Sometimes you have to physically die. In the spring wait for the new me, with new music and a new case and do not come to me those who are not responsible for the words. My gang is now more. We are invincible,” wrote Kate on the personal page in the social network.

      Subscribers celebrities began to worry, after the video message star for some time not been in touch. The reason for concern is that pregnant Gordon was driving at the time, when he went to the hospital. Despite the fact that beside her was a close friend, fans feared that on the way to the hospital something might happen.

      Kate Gordon is ready to give birth to live

      Now the woman remembers that day with relief. She, apparently, still hard to believe that the most difficult is left behind. Itself because the pregnancy was not easy. Katya admitted that the last month was exhausting, and she waits for the day when a child will be born. “Frankly, I’m very tired of this existence in full force. The man inside me kicked from all the heartburn and sleep like a drunkard. I’m Mentally normal, but physically feel disabled. You girls have been so?” – shared Gordon.

      Recall that Gordon made repairs in his new apartment, where one room was devoted to the nursery for the baby. She premeditate the layout of housing, to create the most favorable conditions for the two heirs. By the way, Kate also brings up the four year old son Daniel.