Konstantin Kryukov: “Love scenes didn’t scare”

Константин Крюков: «Любовными сценами нас было не напугать» The actor spoke about filming in the mystical film “Vampires”. Work on the painting was carried out in the Crimea last summer. Kryukov explained “StarHit” how he managed to take his wife Alina with him and confessed why it was easily paired with Aglaia Shilovskaya.

      Константин Крюков: «Любовными сценами нас было не напугать»

      February 22 at the cinema there is a new Russian film in the fantasy genre “Ghouls”. One of the main roles in directing the work of Sergei Ginzburg played Konstantin Kryukov. His character is a godson of the Empress Elizabeth, who is confronted with a strange, scary, and unusual in the Carpathian mountains, where people come from St. Petersburg.

      On the eve of the premiere of “StarHit” talked with Konstantin and find out why he decided to star in a mystical painting, and how was the workflow.

      “Firstly, I’m very fond of the vampire theme, but in the context of Russian History I have not heard about it at all! Secondly, I met with Sergei Ginzburg, our Director, and I really wanted to work with him. The pictures are very interesting aesthetics,” – said Kryukov.

      According to the actor, he really liked the team that was involved in the shooting. With some actors Constantine had previously played in some films, so they were relaxed and joked a lot. However, some aspects of the film still left an unpleasant aftertaste Kryukov.

      The difficulties on the set?
      Константин Крюков: «Любовными сценами нас было не напугать»I have a terrible Allergy to horses, and that, in the first place, did not allow me before the shooting to learn to drive on them. To my relief, as soon as work began on the painting, it became clear that the horse is not only my problem. Almost all of our main characters and even the Director didn’t get along with these lovely animals. Other than that, we were the dream team!—
      In “the Ghouls” your on-screen girlfriend was the actress Aglaya Shilovskaya… How to get along with her?
      Константин Крюков: «Любовными сценами нас было не напугать»With Aglaia we had already played a couple in a TV movie, so the love scenes we had already not to scare you! We since friends, she’s very understanding and professional people, we always try to support each other in difficult moments on set. In addition, I’m still a huge fan of her voice! She sings incredibly!
      Константин Крюков: «Любовными сценами нас было не напугать»
      What incidents happened on the set of “ghouls”? Still, the picture of the vampire, maybe something mystical happened?
      Константин Крюков: «Любовными сценами нас было не напугать»When we filmed in our main scenery, built in the mountains of Bakhchisarai, in the middle of the night for no reason, no reason at all the set would be covered with fog. However, he appeared not on top of the mountain, and crept from the bottom, as such a liquid cloud, and within minutes could fill an entire site. Then he suddenly disappeared. The night we shot the ghouls attack on our fortress was a real lunar Eclipse, not the usual, and the so-called “bloody” when a headband suddenly began to Shine red light, which happens very rarely.

      Most of the filming of “ghouls” was held in Crimea, because the Director liked the beautiful scenery of the Republic. In addition to the Thriller that hooks was involved in two other projects. Constantine was lucky, as one of the films starred his wife Alina. “She was with me, and even had during this time in one of the pictures to play a full role. In the movie “a Letter from the Past” we were the parents of the main character, and my grandmother, Irina Skobtseva – his grandmother. We practically never left all summer,” explained the actor.

      Judging by the pictures in the microblog of Constantine, all of his free time he spends together with Alina. Couple loves to give each other surprises and surprise gifts. Recall that hooks formalized the relationship with the beloved in 2013.

      How often do you arrange a romantic date with your wife? How do you spend time together?
      Константин Крюков: «Любовными сценами нас было не напугать»Too much on movies. I love to cook so a romantic date with a delicious dinner and a good movie could take place at home. We work a lot, often meet with friends, play Board games, mafia. For all the time we are together, brought one feature. The best evenings happen spontaneously! Therefore, we rarely plan something in advance. Still travel a lot, probably all the free time to spend on this. And in the journey, every dinner at a new place is a romantic date!—
      You cheated on your wife? Maybe the character was different?
      Константин Крюков: «Любовными сценами нас было не напугать»I think we both became calmer. More often at home. There was less hustle and bustle. Although, in total, I do not believe in changing the nature, changing only the circumstances.—
      What it means for you to be happy?
      The main thing – to be healthy, to get along with his conscience, relatives and friends. It is important to love your job, do what you like. In my opinion, this is one of the greatest achievements in life!