Fans of Natalia Gulkin is concerned at reports about her illness

Поклонники Натальи Гулькиной обеспокоены сообщениями о ее болезни The singer was urgently hospitalized. The star became ill after dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Natalia Gulkin doctors prescribed a course of intensive therapy, in which the member of the group “Mirage” and “Stars” better.

      On Wednesday late in the evening for help addressed the medics, the singer Natalia Gulkina. Complained to sharp and sharp pain in the stomach, the singer was urgently taken to one of Yerevan hospitals, where the doctors had assisted her.

      As it turned out, the cause of the deterioration of the stars the 90-ies became dinner in one of the Chinese restaurants. It is unknown, it is poisoning substandard products or Natalia Gulkin was bad just due to the fact that she broke the usual mode of supply.

      In the last two days participants of two popular groups “the Mirage” and “Stars” were very full schedule of performances and broadcasts. Due to the complete immersion in the work of Natalia Gulkin had no time to eat normally, the singer was forced to snack on the go, but when did find time for a full dinner, the body failed.

      After a couple of hours after a meal in a Chinese restaurant Natalia gulkin already had to call the ambulance.

      Fans of the singer, worried about the reports of her emergency hospitalization, he immediately started writing to Natalia Gulkina in microblogging, wanting to know how is their favorite singer.

      “Is it true that you were hospitalized?”, “What happened?”, “Natalia, I hope, is everything okay?”, “You were discharged? I’m so worried,” he excited the followers of the star. Not immediately, but Natalia gulkin got in touch with followers, and hastened to reassure them. “You’re all right,” replied the singer, accompanied by a review of life-affirming smiles.

      By the way, this is not the first case in the life of Natalia Gulkin, when restaurants give her a hard time and left in memory not the best memories. On the birthday of Alexander Gulkin Nose got the nose

      For example, a few years ago, the singer’s birthday, which she celebrated in one of the capital’s schools ended in a brawl – the guest of the evening, actor Alexander Nosik had a fight with the waiter. The incident occurred due to the fact that the staff at the repeated request to update the glasses with alcohol to the guests and the host rudely refused to do. Alexander was perplexed by the statement of waiters serving a feast and hurried to put young people at the place, for which he received a glass of wine in the head. At some point the fray was joined by other colleagues, and shocked the birthday girl had to have a Nose first aid. “I just in case always in my purse hydrogen peroxide. Taking cotton pads in makeup, I quickly built turundeki and washed Sasha’s nose,” recalled the unpleasant incident, Natalia gulkin.