Катя Гордон раскрыла истинные причины развода Кержаковых The lawyer believes that the player was not faithful to his wife Milan. Katya Gordon and communicated with the former spouse of an athlete, and with the current, so be sure that in failed marriages solely to blame man.
Катя Гордон раскрыла истинные причины развода Кержаковых

A few weeks ago it became known that Alexander Kerzhakov broke up with his wife Milana. In his Instagram, the young woman commented, noting that he was disappointed in the beloved and considers him a fallen man. However, to disclose other details of a conflict she did not.

Now in a scandalous breakup Kiriakovich decided to intervene the human rights activist Kate Gordon. Several years ago, she helped the first wife of footballer in court. According to the lawyer, the responsibility for the divorce lies with the athlete.

“One day I phoned my wife Kerzhakov Milan (this was after the death of her dad). It has shown itself as adequate and a good man. Honestly, defending Kate Safronov, I thought that Milan – glamorous heartless girl who out of jealousy wants to hurt the opponent. But, after talking with her, realized that she’s just a hostage of circumstances”, – said Gordon.

Kerzhakov then sued his wife for sole custody of son Igor. He didn’t let the wife see the child, insisting that you can’t trust her care of the boy.

According to Gordon, the player has a high self-esteem, which prevents him to build relationships with women. She also noted that he believes the rumors about the numerous infidelities of Alexander.

“I know Kerzhakov. My impression: this is the person with star sickness, conceited, proud. With regard to his divorce from Milan, I was not surprised with this outcome. Periodically floated rumors about his infidelities. I did not hold a candle, but there are people who are surrounded by rumors of infidelity, and there are people that don’t think. I think, Catherine, and Milan in this plan through enough,” said Catherine.

We will remind that the last months were very difficult for Milan Kerzhakova. In April 2017, she first became a mother, but the joy of caring for the baby have been marred because few weeks before her father died. A young woman fell into a deep depression, so only the psychologists helped her to love again life. She never tired of thanking friends and relatives for support in a difficult period.

Apparently, the couple are unable to cope with all the problems that had befallen their family. Dealing with “KP”, Kate Gordon noted that in this situation it only supports Milan, even though have not talked with a young woman personally.