Сергей Шнуров признался в многочисленных изменах Fans believe that because of the infidelity of the musician broke up his marriage. Sergey Shnurov open up with subscribers and uncovered the true cause of divorce. Also, a man dedicated to the beloved touching poem.
Сергей Шнуров признался в многочисленных изменах

The sudden parting of Sergey and Matilda Shkurovich was a complete surprise for fans of the star couple. The couple looked incredibly happy and often talked about feelings to each other. However, on 25 may, they made an official statement about the imminent divorce.

Sergei, who urged not to interfere in his personal life in such a difficult period, I couldn’t resist and posted a poem dedicated to his wife.

“Now let me very painful. I’m hurt, maybe killed. And oozing blood between the stitches. Houellebecq? Flashback? Or somersault? I am glad that bright, juicy. There is no error, I will not consider. I have something to remember this night,” wrote the artist.
Сергей Шнуров признался в многочисленных изменах

In the comments under the post sparked a heated debate about the causes of the breakup of the star couple. In the end, the Cords decided to comment on some speculation of subscribers. The man did not hide that he was not a faithful wife, but now he greatly regrets it.

Matilda she also spoke about the imminent divorce. She noted that I would not like to expose their personal life.

“It’s tough to comment on the sad news, which many of you learned today. I will refrain and allow myself personal leave personal. Thank you very much for your words of encouragement to those who sent them to me,” said Matilda.

Apparently, the decision to breakup wasn’t an easy star pair. Fans at all I hope that the conflict will be resolved and the couple will be together again despite the problems.

A close friend Shnurovym Ksenia Sobchak, too, could not stay away. On one of the social events in St. Petersburg, she took the stage with “Leningrad” and wished soloist team as soon as possible to make up with his wife. “I think I speak for everyone, if called upon Sergei in a hurry to make peace with Matilda. I love you both,” – said TV presenter.

Recall that the musician and his fiancee officially married in 2010. For eight years, they showed perfect understanding and harmony in relationships. Mathilde often supports a spouse in concerts and has appeared with him at social events. However, she repeatedly noted that Sergey has a specific character, and because of his antics, they sometimes badly quarrel. However, fans still hope that such a bright Union will not disintegrate.

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