Kate Gordon: “Pregnancy is not a disease”

Катя Гордон: «Беременность – не болезнь» The artist commented on the news about his interesting position. Just a few hours ago, the network appeared the information that the participant of the new season of the show “the Voice” will soon become a mother. The woman is on her fifth month of pregnancy.

      The singer and the journalist Katya Gordon ceased to hide his interesting position. The woman is on her fifth month of pregnancy, the name of the father of the child she does not disclose. The actress is afraid that then their pair will be riveted the attention of journalists. Child of Catherine from his second marriage, Daniel also waiting for the appearance of the brother at the light. Katya Gordon will soon give birth to second child

      In his microblog Gordon explained that pregnancy is not a reason to stop working. Woman laid one of the old pictures in the signature which told about their future plans.

      “Didn’t want to talk. But to hide on the fifth month is hard, and in connection with the release of the album Sex&Drama go on the air, and the concerts are not going to cancel. Yes, I’m pregnant! This is not a reason for a promo, it is rather a response to the comments that I’m fat, for the Voice and not the dress wearing. I live in production mode: no special features my life is not. The Agency works, the songs are written and sung, new year parties are planned. We’re expecting a boy, and it seems all that while I want to tell. Life has taught me not to let personal the crowd – and believe me: the most intimate I tell in his poems,” admitted Catherine.

      The artist is not going to marry the father of her child, because we don’t believe in marriage. Kate believes that quite neobyazatelno to legitimize the relationship to be happy.

      “Never think to keep the pregnancy or not. I like a businesswoman and artist by his example, I want to show you that pregnancy is not a disease and not a reason to stop work or enjoy a full life. This is a reason to make your life even more fulfilling. Deliberately post a photo where I still have a waist,” said the star.

      Fans leave nice words Gordon in the comments to the post. “Clever and beautiful, well done!”, “Kate, how cool!”, “Inexhaustible energy you”, “You are extraordinary, kind, clever! Such joy!”, – I wrote to the followers of the artist.

      Recall that recently the singer decided to try his hand in the project “the Voice” which airs every Friday on the First channel. “In Ostankino with the guitarist we met a friend who works on the project, and began to make fun of him: “Why are you so green?” And he says that they have over 1000 people in the queue for casting. We had a laugh. He said, “are You weak?” “Why would I do that!” I said, and then came to look and saw how many gorgeous, talented vocalists crowd, as if in line for a vaccine against the deadly disease, and decided to try it,” said Catherine.