Anastasia Volochkova shocked by the publication of a photo of daughter after a bath

Анастасия Волочкова шокировала публикацией фото дочери после бани

To candid photos, Anastasia Volochkova network users have long been accustomed. Ballerina is not shy about his naked body, on the contrary, even proud of him because publishes them without a twinge of conscience.

But the new post dancers caused a wave of indignation among her followers on the social network. The fact that your microblog Anastasia diluted photograph her daughter Ariadna and goddaughter ELISA immediately after a bath.

The girls depicted are not naked, and roll up in towels. However, from criticism Volochkova could not go.

Mostly angry parents network wrote that such publications Anastasia dooms children to danger.

“Why the baby after the bath in a towel to photograph and put online? For the amusement of pedophiles?”, “Where the girl’s father looks? Horror”, “it is Better to put the child’s achievements in sports, education, music…” — wrote fans.

However, Anastasia did not engage in a hostile conversation, though often responds to these reviews.