Kate Gordon is forced to keep the baby

Катя Гордон вынуждена оставить ребенка The day after discharge from the hospital, a businesswoman hurried to work. Kate Gordon decided not to stay in the decree. Despite the fact that the birth of the younger son was really hard for her, she never allowed herself to recover in the leave to care for a child, and decided to immediately proceed to business.

      In the night from 19 to 20 February singer, composer and lawyer Katya Gordon became a mother for the second time. The baby she named Leon. The businesswoman admitted that childbirth was extremely difficult. She lost a lot of blood, but experienced doctors were able to save her. Kate Gordon almost died during childbirth

      Apparently, Kate does not intend to enjoy a serene life in the decree. Despite the fact that the birth of a second son, it was difficult, two weeks later, she is forced to leave the boy under the care of a babysitter to get back to work.

      “Well. One sent to our favorite nursery, the second provided with milk and Alaskan moms and nannies. And the parents are at work. To sign up to I can today,” wrote Kate in the microblog.

      Fans were delighted with the zeal of entrepreneurs to work, although only the day before she was discharged from the hospital. They admired the fact that Kate did not stay too long in the decree, but decided rather to return to normal duties. The followers wished that she had the strength to care about the little heir. “Congratulations! Grow healthy and strong, And from our family to you the best of luck, Catherine! You are extraordinary! Thank you for your posts, for sharing, for the experience! Good luck to you! Sons of peace, joy and happy childhood”, “Congratulations! Happy days and peaceful nights,” wrote the loyal fans.

      Gordon also wants come in Dobermann form, and therefore intends to lose weight in a gentle time. For a fortnight she hopes to get rid of extra pounds, and encourages all to join her in pursuit of the figure of dreams. “Put yourself in 15 days time, to get in shape. Let’s start in March, the day will tell later. From food to needles and cleaning blood. Be afraid. Fitness and swimming, and all that helps to recover after childbirth, anesthesia, nervousness, and operations. Who believe in me and who’s with me?” – asked Gordon to its subscribers.

      Kate sought as soon as possible to be discharged from the hospital to reunite with his family – his parents and elder son Danil. However, the woman did not mention the father of a newborn baby boy and not seeking to acquaint the public with his elect. Kate Gordon spoke about the father of the second child