Boyfriend Tatiana Tereshinoy published her intimate photos

Бойфренд Татьяны Терешиной обнародовал ее интимное фото The singer and her boyfriend had arranged a romantic vacation in Sochi. A couple enjoys each other’s company. Recently beloved artist Vadim Bukharov decided to show feelings to his beloved. He shared a passionate photo Tereshinoy where she poses Topless.

      Singer Tatiana Tereshina happy in the relationship with the athlete Vadim Buharov. The actress and her boyfriend demonstrate the real harmony. The woman does not get tired to admire the talents of the young man. Apparently, he Bukharov also in awe of his lady. In one of the posts he called the actress “the Queen”. In addition, Vadim put a favorite photo on Facebook mobile phone what the singer said on social networks.

      “Curious, how often do men following their women to such an extent. And what emotions does it cause you? It is nice, isn’t it?” – interested artist.

      Subscribers Tereshinoy found that her boyfriend thus saved from loneliness, when the singer’s not around. Some of them decided that the behavior of a young man testifies to his deep feelings for singer. “All the good men are following their women, He just loves you,” “I think it excites him”, “Perhaps, proud and admiring”, “Such beauty is a sin not to put on a headband”, “it must be, to have loved to madness. For these girls winding up the mountain,” which was discussed by users of social networks.

      The other day Vadim Bukharov decided once again to show feelings for the other half. The couple is on a romantic vacation in Sochi. The young man has published a candid shot of the woman where she poses Topless, covering her Breasts with one hand.

      Apparently, the actress is enjoying a long-awaited holiday in the company of her boyfriend. “At a local restaurant tasty and very musical… And today the sun on the terrace want to stay and live,” said Tatiana, sharing the happy moment of life.

      Recall that the ex-soloist of group Hi-Fi met with the athlete Vadim Buharov in July last year. The first meeting of the actress with the future chosen one happened on her tour in Sochi. “After the concert, we are a big company went to a disco and partying until morning. Vadim asked for my phone number I gave. We spent two more days, then I flew to Moscow, he wrote, called… I like him. He’s smart, educated, intelligent guy with innovative thinking, pulls me to him” – shared Tereshina with “StarHit”.