Kate Gordon has surgery

Кате Гордон сделали операцию

Journalist Catherine Gordon for many years suffered from poor eyesight, which was deteriorating. Finally, tired of this, famous blonde decided on surgery, which took place in one of the Moscow clinics.

It is reported that Kate made a choice, through which she can see much better. The recovery period after the surgery takes just one day, which is very good for its active life. In a recent interview Gordon explained why so delayed the operation.
“I was told that after birth, vision will be restored, but the child is already in her fourth year, and the changes I feel. Recently I was forced to go solely with a personal driver. Now I saw the light in the truest sense of the word and I thank everyone who helped me in online translation and the periscope to overcome my fear” — Gordon told reporters.
“Another fear was in the past and despite the fact that the surgery I only did 20 minutes ago, I can see already much better;))) let there be light! In our hearts in particular;)))” — Katya wrote on his page in the social network under the photo taken, obviously, right after surgery.

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