Justin Bieber cry during a concert in Philadelphia

Джастин Бибер расплакался во время концерта в Филадельфии

Performing during a concert in Philadelphia last hit your “Purpose” Justin Bieber Cry. The Philadelphia concert, held in the framework of its tour, was held in Wells Fargo Arena on may 7.

In the video posted by fans in a social network, it is clear that Justin is sitting in the immediate vicinity of the conference room and the hands of the fans literally unable to get to his feet. In the song, which brought him to tears, tells about his relationship with God, which he (or his lyric hero) suddenly found. At the end of execution ballads on the cheeks of Justin’s brook flowed the tears. Bieber fans sang along with him, sometimes, playing the song instead of trying to cope with the emotions of the singer.
Just before the concert in Philly, Justin made a fourth tattoo – a small cross in the corner of the eye. Rumor has it that thus he wanted to capture “your way to God.”

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