Kate Gordon came to the defense of daughter Shukshina

Катя Гордон встала на защиту дочери Шукшиной The lawyer explained what the money was demanded by the woman at the well-known mother. Previously, a scandal arose after Stanislav Sadalsky has accused the heiress of the famous actress that she is begging for the mother of 15 million rubles.

      Катя Гордон встала на защиту дочери Шукшиной
      Катя Гордон встала на защиту дочери Шукшиной

      Property disputes Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina and her daughter Olga continues. Recently, actor Stanislav Sadalsky negative to the address of the successor, noting that it supposedly requires 15 million rubles from the elderly mother. Social media users criticized the behavior of Oli, not trying to understand the situation.

      Star attorney Kate Gordon, who holds a legal Agency, decided to specify exactly what amount requires daughter Shukshina. “In connection with another slanderous speeches of Mr. Sadalsky in the address of our client, Olga Shukshina, we consider it necessary to explain that Olga tried to cheat “good family” in assessing the amount of her lawful share of the apartment at times, and the only thing she wants is to sell his share at market value, for the joint use of housing is not possible. Oversees case one of our regular lawyers – Olga Zaharova. Help in assessing the value of the property section, any judicial property disputes,” said Gordon.

      By law, a person who owns a share in the apartment, has the full right to dispose of it as you want. If another family member, who also designed part of the property, wants to do something with the whole area of housing, he is obliged to sign the contract of purchase and sale of shares of his relative. It is on this and insists Olga Shukshina.

      Катя Гордон встала на защиту дочери Шукшиной

      Her mother, Lidiya Nikolaevna opposes such a development because he didn’t want to leave the apartment, which inherited her husband Vasily Shukshin. Moreover, not so long ago in the home, located near the metro station “Alekseevskaya”, was renovated.

      By the way, the conflict that arose around the world, has worsened relations heiress and her mother, although in this case they were not considered ideal. Olga Shukshina admitted that the property dispute started with the fact that Lydia Shukshin allowed in the apartment granddaughter Anna, daughter Masha, Yes not one, and with her husband. She didn’t like it. Olga Shukshina after family conflict: “Mom, I missed you!”

      Recall that Sadalsky said that Lidia was caused by appraisers who said that the room in the apartment is no more than six million. This is because the house is not luxury, but housing itself is old.