Катя Гершуни рассказала о серьезном заболевании Fans worried about the health of the presenter. Kate Gershuni announced that it had no forces even to smile. Style expert of the program “10 years younger” she complained of pain in the shoulder joint. Star cares for her mother.
Катя Гершуни рассказала о серьезном заболевании

Style expert and co-host of the program of the First channel “10 years younger” Catherine Gershuni made their fans seriously worried. The star reported that seriously ill.

Kate Gershuni was published in the microblog unusual for her cheery disposition and incendiary nature of the photo. In the picture she looks very melancholy and sad, on the face of Kati no trace of cosmetics on her neck – hard headband. A young woman told me that feels bad and helps her to recover the most close and native people, her mother.

“Someone fun Friday, and someone was ill and came to be treated for the mother, – wrote in the microblog Kate Gershuni. – Pinch the shoulder and the arm to move difficult… Who thinks always smiling?”

Subscribers presenter immediately began to want her health, someone said that also recently went through a similar and shared their recipes for the treatment. Someone admitted that no signature smiles, we immediately recognized the photo of Kate Gershuni.

“Face of a little girl, so that means mom! Do not be ill, a speedy recovery!”, “Kate, a speedy recovery! Everything will be fine, just don’t be sad”, “really, you’re always smiling. Without a smile, almost did not recognize you. Recovering!”, “I really understand you, itself such a collar, however, is black! Recovering!”, “Katyusha hold. Sometimes there are disappointments. I wish from all my heart a speedy recovery good luck and thank you very much!” such comments under the post Katie gershoni leave her fans.

Recall, for almost a year TV host is in the status of the free woman. Last summer gershoni divorced, and is now in the active phase of the search of his the only who can build a harmonious relationship. Kate Gershuni trying to find love after divorce

About experience Dating and trips on dates with prospective men dream Kate Gershuni said in his microblog. Style expert admits that she is inspired by not only meeting with the Cavaliers, but also preparing for them.

“I got so many unforgettable emotions in the process, so much excitement, awe and burning curiosity! It’s worth it!” – told gershoni subscribers.