Обанкротившийся Джонни Депп отказывается экономить The actor sells the property but continues to spend on the life of $2 million monthly and seems to have no intention to part with personal aircraft. In recognition of world stars, he spends money only on the Essentials. The justification of johnny Depp as the presence of several properties and purchase of elite alcohol.
Обанкротившийся Джонни Депп отказывается экономить

In Hollywood there’s an unwritten Protocol for when a star finds himself deep in debt. It requires immediately blamed on the financial managers of theft or fraud. And in the course of litigation, to continuously light a candle below this to be true. Very few celebrities have the courage to admit that they spent all that money on extra houses and cars, fine art collections, which is supposed to be in museums, and extravagant whims. Johnny Depp was not enough.

In January of this year, 54-year-old actor filed a lawsuit against the company The Management Group, which led his case, stating that the advisors stole $25 million and now must return it. Managers responded with a counter lawsuit in which he demanded to recognize johnny’s the only one responsible for his plight. And since then from time to time poured into the press funny documents that shed light on how Depp has disposed of his millions.

Movies, wine and casino

At the end of June, the company TMG gave the court the correspondence Depp with his business assistant, Joel Mandel, dated 2009. Joel put the actor on notice that he owed to banks of about $4 million and asked to sell something unnecessary in the repayment of the debt.

“What?! replied johnny. – I have houses, cars, books, paintings and a kind soul. What would you advise to sell in the first place?”
Обанкротившийся Джонни Депп отказывается экономить

Interestingly, the actor did not rule out the possibility of selling the soul, but would not even consider the prospect to get rid of the private jet, the contents of which costs $200 thousand monthly, and change to commercial flights.

“It will be a bloody nightmare!” – wrote johnny, having in mind that in this case it will provoke conversations, to touch and take pictures throughout the flight. Offer Mandel continue spending money more carefully also has not met understanding. Johnny continues to insist that only buys the Essentials. It is not like you can do in agriculture, 13 houses, Islands in the Bahamas, the yacht for $18 million and 45 cars. Or spend less than $30 thousand per month for luxury alcohol. When Depp was asked to explain the last figure, he said he views wine as an investment, because over the years it gets better and more expensive.

“All the alcohol that buys johnny immediately consumed,’ objected Mandel. – I don’t understand how you can make a profit with empty bottles, even seasoned”.

Sometimes johnny’s unexpected one-time expenses. In 2005, he spent $5 million on the funeral of writer hunter S. Thompson. Most of the money is eaten the production of a special gun from which the shot Depp ashes of his friend in the direction of the moon. The recent divorce from his wife cost him only $2 million more expensive. As in 2009, johnny did not heed the advice of the Manager, to the beginning of this year, the debt increased to $40 million, and he still had to start an estate sale. Career of the actor into a deep dive, there to wait for rescue is not necessary. As appears from judicial documents, johnny believed that all the financial troubles – the result of a global conspiracy against his person. The alleged contribution of managers in the deliberate destruction of reputation and wealth was the fact that they evaded paying his taxes and was borrowing his money at interest for personal enrichment.



Обанкротившийся Джонни Депп отказывается экономить

A few years ago, 53-year-old Nicolas cage also missed the moment when his work has ceased to cover the costs. And also tried to make a scapegoat of the Manager who performed miracles, wasteful trying to keep the client afloat. Glory Nicholas did not last long, but during that time he managed to acquire 15 houses in different parts of the world, including an ancient castle in Germany and a haunted house in New Orleans. In his garage collecting dust proudly 30 motorcycles and 50 cars, in addition, he owned four boats and aircraft.

Cage frantically bought whatever caught his eye: the first editions of comics, exotic animals, painting and jewelry. In his Los Angeles mansion was a display of dried heads of the pygmies, and the mantelpiece was decorated with the skulls of dinosaurs. In 2009, all creditors of Nicholas lost patience. Fortunately, selling all luxuries for half the price, he was able to pay off debts, tax to patch the hole and not go to jail, like, say, Wesley snipes. Cage now lives in a modest house near Las Vegas, starring in third-rate militants and passion to meaningless purchases meets at the village fairs of folk crafts.


Обанкротившийся Джонни Депп отказывается экономить

In 1994, Courtney Love, widow of Nirvana leader Kurt Cobain, inherited the rights to his name and songs, in other words, an inexhaustible source of money. In 2010, on the brink of bankruptcy Courtney said that someone stole about $530 million as a result, the poor had first to put his hand in the trust Fund daughter Frances Bean Cobain, and then still to declare bankruptcy, sell the house and 25% of its share in the artistic heritage of her husband.

Rocker later recalled what happened to at least $27 million “missing” money. As it turned out, Courtney pulled them on various luxuries and industrial quantities of drugs. Most likely, the rest of the legacy has flowed in the same direction.

“I know that most people that money would be enough for a lifetime, but I have a generous nature,’ said 52-year-old singer and actress. – In addition to what else to spend money Nirvana as not rock-n-roll? They would not have brought me bourgeois happiness, they just needed to let go.”