Элина Камирен: «Боюсь остаться одна» Businesswoman spoke about his vlog, his personal life and attitude to criticism. According to Elina Kamiren, she’s completely okay with the status of single mothers, but she does not lose hope to meet someone who will be able to care for herself and little daughter.
Элина Камирен: «Боюсь остаться одна»

And a half years after leaving the project, Elina Kamiren turned into a businesswoman and successful blogger and Bayer clothing star actively removed for advertising projects, owns a jewelry online store Tsatski_store on the page of the girl in “Instagram” signed by almost half a million people… more recently, Elina also writes a vlog “notes of the hunter”, which tells how to meet a rich man. However, not everyone likes the truth, which promotes Kamiren…

Elina, how do you react to criticism about your bloga?
Элина Камирен: «Боюсь остаться одна»Yes, I do write a lot, they say, it’s a hunter – she had rogue Zadoinov. Answer: at the time of stay at the “House-2” I was with this man interesting. Yes, love is out of the question, Sasha was to me rather a partner on the show, but it was a pleasure to communicate with him. And I don’t regret being with him because of this relationship I have a wonderful, beautiful and intelligent daughter. And yet, I am pleased that positive reviews about “Notes” is much more than negative. After the release of each series I wrote a lot of girls, thank you for understand what I want… Someone even to Moscow after watching moved here because I urge to find a man in the capital. Both men, incidentally, also did not stay aside and leave their feedback. They say, correctly, that you are taught not just to look for a wealthy spouse, but also be willing him something to give – not just sex. I am against consumer relations, I for sense and a little cold calculation.I record this video, and from the perspective of someone who knows what they want wealthy men and how to find an approach to them – I’m 4.5 years was personal assistant of a very rich person included in the list of Forbes.—
If you go back to the topic Zadoinov – he’s not helping at all?
Элина Камирен: «Боюсь остаться одна»I see that she is a burden to him, he doesn’t need anything. Being in Moscow, appears to tick the box to stand at the door of our apartment, and knowing that we’re not home, then to throw me in the face: “I wanted to meet my daughter, and you do not give!” Who does not give? He is the victim of the show, can’t stop playing to the camera, although it has long been no one takes. I’m only in to he small talked…

Do you mind the status of single mothers?
Элина Камирен: «Боюсь остаться одна»To me it is incomprehensible. Millions of women have learned this sad? On the contrary I grew up with their eyes since the birth of my daughter, I realized that I am stronger than I thought myself before. Sasha gave me an unreal incentive, and I realized that we women are much stronger than today’s men with rolled up jeans and wapama in the teeth. And I am pleased that in his comments in Instagram I often see reviews of girls who write that my example to them is significant and they, being in the middle of a divorce, fueled my energies.

Why do you think you have no men?
Элина Камирен: «Боюсь остаться одна»I don’t see the point wasted in fleeting connection. To have a good time, I have friends. Sex for one night I do not accept. I have fans, but one that would fit my needs, no. I often write Direct men offer money to them had dinner or went for a weekend abroad… it is Clear that they all go to hell. Some are trying to “go out” on me through friends, girlfriends, my Director – he is often written from London, UAE with a request to meet me … But that’s not it. I need someone who will be with me on the same wavelength and will accept my daughter as his own. With anyone I will not – so a little afraid to be alone.—
But your future husband will definitely have to be wealthy, right?
Yes. I overestimated myself a bar and don’t plan to lower it. Exactly how much you earn don’t really want… But I will say that I can afford to rent an apartment in the center of Moscow and support myself and daughter. I did not close the position: “What is expensive today life, we need to save…” I try as much as possible to earn, not to feel embarrassed about the money. So it would be foolish to deny that I need a wealthy man who earned much more than me.