Yuri Antonov admitted feelings to Natalya Fateeva

Юрий Антонов признался в чувствах Наталье Фатеевой The singer tried to impress the actress during the filming of the movie. Yuri Antonov for Natalia Fateeva have made things that have never been solved. However, the efforts of the famous musician were in vain.
Юрий Антонов признался в чувствах Наталье Фатеевой

On channel one Sunday morning in July launched a new television project “Honestly Yuri Nikolayev”. Popular television host dropping in to visit his famous interlocutors and a Cup of tea leads to them talking about life and work, family and kids, happiness and love.

The first welcoming host and the character transfer has become a famous musician, people’s artist of Russia Yuri Antonov. “Today I’m going to visit the rebel and the main romance of the Russian stage,” so presented his counterpart Yuri Nikolaev. Yuri Antonov is preparing for operations abroad

The singer took his namesake at the incredibly beautiful terrace of a country house, and talked about some little-known facts of the biography.

Юрий Антонов признался в чувствах Наталье Фатеевой

72-year-old Yuri Antonov from most of celebrity is the fact that he leads a fairly private life and never gives interviews on personal topics. Because it is expressing to the well-known actress Natalya Fateyeva sounded very unexpected. As it turned out, Yuri Antonov, was not indifferent to the artist and provided her attentions on the set. Antonov and Fateev were partners on the film “Before we go”, which was released over thirty years ago in 1984.

In the picture, Yuri Antonov performed three songs. One of them – “About you and me.” As admitted the singer, sang it to her for Natalia Fateeva.

Юрий Антонов признался в чувствах Наталье Фатеевой“I wanted to impress Fateev, then she was pretty amazing. I still remember her blue eyes. She played with us in the film, and I wanted to demonstrate their capabilities. To make an impression. I got it, but didn’t help!” – said Yuri Antonov.
Юрий Антонов признался в чувствах Наталье Фатеевой

By the way, all the friends and acquaintances of the musician know that he doesn’t like to sing, and hates it when it start to ask to sing a particular song. This is one of the principles of the Antonov, which he violated only at the filming of “Before parting”.

“Only when my soul feels the need to sing, I do it myself without an invitation”, – explained his position, Yuri Antonov.

During the transfer I was talking about love. To the question whether she is now a musician, he replied that he loves nature, animals and life itself. It is worth noting that Yuri Antonov had been thrice married and has two children.