Karina Mishulina: “it seems that Timur – some kind of sadist. We live in hell, these two months”

Карина Мишулина: «Такое ощущение, что Тимур – какой-то садист. Мы живем в аду эти два месяца» The daughter of Spartak Vasilyevich and her family seriously suffered from the actions of the administration. The actress can’t understand why she turned against complete strangers. Mishulina outraged by the actions of a young man and awaits trial. The star candidly spoke about the latest developments.
Карина Мишулина: «Такое ощущение, что Тимур – какой-то садист. Мы живем в аду эти два месяца»

The conflict between the Carina of Mishulin, daughter of the honored artist of Spartak Vasilyevich, and his putative son of Timur Eremeeva is gaining momentum. At the end of November held a hearing. The woman filed a libel suit from the young man and the newspaper, which reported that the famous actor is his father. Presumably in the photo that appeared in one of the media depicted the mother of Timur Tatiana Eremeeva, which monitor the purity of their entrance in the early 2000s, and sometimes spoke with relatives of the artist and with him personally. Daughter Spartaka Mishulina told about the relationship of the father with Concierge

According to the daughter Mishulina, their family is very tired of this scandal. The actress spoke with “StarHit” and told about how the situation develops.

“We are trying to persuade the administration to take the test. And he apparently thinks we bribed a government Agency. Don’t know what he fears. Unfortunately, the court cannot oblige him to pass this examination,” – said Karina with “StarHit”.

Daughter Mishulina spent a lot of time and effort to carry out a genetic test. “The study lasted three weeks. After this time, was found dad’s chromosomes,” added the star.

Karine seems that Timur deceives the relatives of the artist, trying tricky ways to take them to a commercial laboratory to manipulate DNA, or to an inaccurate result of “50 to 50”. Eremeev gets in touch with a second cousin Mishulina and other distant relatives, posing as a famous TV channel and a popular magazine. According to Karina, DNA genetics was engaged in world level.

“The whole family in the male line of this chromosome are identical. There will not be an analysis of 50: 50, and the exact result is about a 99.9 or 0. In fact, nothing is done, as in a talk show – “stick in mouth”. I gave blood, everywhere painted, all shot on video. I did not risk it, so went to a serious institution,” explained Mishulina.

The family of the famous artist seriously happening.

“We are already praying. My mom is always asking: “reason with him, Lord.” We spent two months living in hell. This terrible, paid harassment in the Network. We pressed. He builds himself on the people white and fluffy intellectual, and I exhibited beast. In his last post one lie after another. I’m in shock,” – said Mishulina.

Kareena was surprised that a legal representative Eremeeva Victoria Krylova lying all over the country. Recently, the Network appeared in a movie in which the lawyer Timur claims that they have confirmation from loved ones Mishulina that the actor is regularly seen with her son. According to Karina, these people are trying to make her crazy.

Media reported the unexpected statement of the lawyer’s illegitimate son Spartaka Mishulina

Карина Мишулина: «Такое ощущение, что Тимур – какой-то садист. Мы живем в аду эти два месяца»“We have someone wants to drive you crazy. I want to say it all: “where we was at?” As if I didn’t grow up in theater, my mom didn’t know anybody else. Dad had only two good friends, but I think Timur will not even call them names. But they are no longer alive. My dad’s second cousin and two cousins are all our relatives,” said Mishulina.

After the court hearing, which will be held in late November, the family of Spartak Vasilyevich and their attorney will decide how to proceed. At the request of the authorities, you can get it from the archives stating that after the artist had suffered an inflammation of the prostate, he could no longer have children. Widow Mishulina difficult to tolerate the situation.

Daughter Mishulina revealed the sensational truth about why he couldn’t have been born the illegitimate son of

“We live like someone died. My mother has poor vision and blood sugar jumps, your teeth fall out. Children, seeing everything that happens at home, also survive. Even had to go to a child neuropathology. The older scratched his face, and the youngest screaming in the night. I have the feeling that Timur was some kind of sadist. For what?” – said Karina.

Karina and her lawyers are drawing up the papers for the court: facts and witnesses. “At first we were silent, because they do not know if the suit Carlson biomaterial or not. It’s a long process,” explained the daughter of the artist.

Daughter Spartaka Mishulina million plans to sue for libel about his illegitimate son

Mishulina really wants to look into the eyes of Tatiana Eremeeva, who lies publicly. Besides, in its opinion, the testimony of Timur on his mother did not agree. Karina, surprising facts from the biography of women. If Timur would say that Spartak Mishulin specially hired woman, then most likely he would have made it to the theater, as it required engineers, and it was just such a specialist. In the words of Karina, in this story, too many conflicting facts.