Anniversary Evgeni Plushenko: why skater turned away from friends

Юбилей Евгения Плющенко: почему фигурист отвернулся от друзей Today, 3 November, double Olympic champion turns 35. He first got on the ice in four years, and now Plushenko himself brings up the future stars of the sport – he has his own Academy of figure skating.
Юбилей Евгения Плющенко: почему фигурист отвернулся от друзей

Childhood Evgeni Plushenko held in Volgograd. When he was 11, he closed the local ice arena, and he was forced to move to St. Petersburg, where he began to train under Alexei Mishin. In an interview with Plushenko likes to point out that I grew up in the Northern capital, which greatly offends school friends from Volgograd. Because that is where the athlete has gained the first victories, and even found love.

“Jack was different from other boys, – says Olga Plotnikova, who studied with Plushenko in the fifth grade – first, bright, unusual appearance, and secondly, of course, sports. The whole school knew that he was involved in various competitions. We are rooting for him, proud of his victories. Several times he invited me and other classmates to the sports Palace for performances. We are watching his somersaults on the ice, frozen with delight…” – said Olga.
Юбилей Евгения Плющенко: почему фигурист отвернулся от друзей

However, to evaluate talent Plushenko could, not even leaving the classroom. “Remember, Jack pushed the desks and showed us jumping, says Plotnikova. – Sorry, there was no gadgets and the Internet, and then we would blow up the Network. Despite all this, he managed to study well and never were losers. However, to get a bad mark didn’t let him mom Tatiana Vasilievna. With this women can and should take an example! In any weather, all through the town on the trolley she was driving to Eugene to the stadium is a truly heroic feat!”, – said the woman.

Oli’s got a twin sister, Julia. Plushenko together with a friend, Denis often after the school accompanied the girls home. “Along the way discussed teachers, classmates, homework, – continues Olga. – My sister and I knew that like the boys she is a Wife, I’m Denis. Julia didn’t care and I was cute Plushenko. And over time I began to notice that he had moved and started to flirt with me. You know how in childhood is: it looked at, and then moved to me at the Desk. Of course, the attention was flattering, but it was slightly sad, because everyone knew that summer Jack will go to train in Saint Petersburg. At the end of the school year he confessed to me in feelings. It happened in class work: in the street we were clearing inventory and something is not divided – I think I got the last a rake, and it is not enough. Jack stealthily approached from behind and as you hit me with a shovel on the soft spot! I grumbled a bit, but quickly forgotten. Twenty minutes later went to collect water in a watering can, and he is for me. Stood, watched, and then suddenly you say: “Olga, I love you.” I was taken aback…But as a proud girl made no sign and went on about his business. But he soon left…”, – said the woman.

Юбилей Евгения Плющенко: почему фигурист отвернулся от друзей

Two years have passed, and Plushenko from St. Petersburg came to stay in Volgograd. “During his absence he has changed a bit zazvezdilsya, – says Olga. Our last meeting left an unpleasant aftertaste: Jack was walking his dog near the house and even greeted us while we sat on the bench just five meters, and, of course, he just could not see us…This behavior was strange and surprising, because while studying in Volgograd, has become a successful athlete, he didn’t nose up. You could even say, behaved very humble, never boasted victories, as all the studied and passed exams. But then I realized that he struck our city of life: later in the interview, Plushenko said that he had grown up in St. Petersburg. We are classmates and it’s a shame to hear that, because he’s our native Eugene…” – told Olga.

Not too exciting memories of Plushenko remained and Basil Kubera. They studied in parallel classes of the school №91 in Petrogradsky district of St. Petersburg.

“The lessons of Jack appeared rarely, competitions, trips abroad, – said Vasily with “StarHit”. One of our first meetings, I on all life have remembered. It was in the 6th grade, I only went to this school. And Plushenko was already there, its because she studied it for a few months. Here, the rights of the old man he decided to test me in the yard. Word for word, and Plushenko gave me a black eye. It was the kind of dedication,” – remember the man.
Юбилей Евгения Плющенко: почему фигурист отвернулся от друзей

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