Канье Уэст рассказал как Бог помог ему победить алкоголизм

Канье Уэст рассказал как Бог помог ему победить алкоголизм

Recently, Kanye West performed at the stadium along with a gospel choir in Arizona. The usual statement ended with the touching words of the artist. He remembered that in 2018 has stopped drinking every week, and started all over again. However, at the moment, Kanye is confident that I will never touch alcohol, and helped him to overcome the dependence of God.

The performance Sunday was part of the service Awaken 2020 in Phoenix. The event lasted exactly 10 hours and ended with the speech of the singer of the best and most important changes in his life.

Kanye began to prepare the audience for your story in between songs and praising God. He talked about the big issues in his life due to alcoholism, but after numerous failed attempts to quit the addiction with the help of experts, he found his salvation from God and overcame the disease.

He began his speech with the West that gave an interesting nickname “the Trojan horse of God.” The celebrity explained why so-called self. The fact that he was able to achieve fame and popularity, working solely on the Devil, breaking all laws and moral principles. Now having everything he uses his fame to glorify God and work for their good. At the moment the main goal Kanye is to spread the word of Jesus around the globe.

He said that the Devil is what tempts man every day, but God is the one who will ultimately have the last laugh. The singer is sure that the Devil thought could capture in your captured him and do absolutely everything, but God brought clarity of thought and actions. West recalled that during treatment for alcoholism, he had the opportunity to visit even in a psychiatric hospital, but he came out and feels great, although it did not believe.

Many are even buried him alive and said that he does not help and his career is long dead, but Jesus saved the singer. It does not matter was whether people believed in God up to this point or not, it helps everyone, and a helping hand will stretch at any time, and help to gain confidence in the future.

Kanye said that earlier he did not think that the alcohol could affect his life. He came on the Red carpet with a bottle in his hand, publicly drank and then went to the stage to perform. And even colleagues told him that he’s a lying alcoholic who with a bottle attracts attention. And once in the morning, he caught myself thinking that at Breakfast drinking fresh orange juice with vodka, and he continues to claim that no dependency can not be considered.

According to West, the vodka was even in his office at work. Every time I walk past the mini-bar he drank a SIP of drink and went on. In the end, in the middle of the day the bottle was almost empty. And one day, being at home Kanye went once again to the kitchen for alcohol, coming to a halt he said to himself: “the Devil, today you can’t beat me”. Since then, the singer has been fighting with me every day, he repeats this sentence and realizes that every day he gets stronger and stronger.

Kanye is confident that this fight against alcohol addiction, is a daily war with the Devil, and until he wins.

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