Певица Холзи исполнила песни с шуточными вставками на шоу с Джимми Фэллоном

You’ve never heard of singing karaoke in a style like this. Halsey decided to slightly change the lyrics of “Like A Virgin”, “Without me” and “I Want It This Way”, “kindly” given to it by Google translate to “The Tonight Show”.
Have you ever sang a song, translated on Google Translate? The results do not correspond to the original version, which 25-year-old Halsey learned in the episode “the late show” with the participation of Jimmy Fallon on January 22. For special games Halsey filled the audience with three songs, translated by Google: Madonna “Like A Virgin”, own track Halsey “Without me” and Backstreet Boys “I Want It This Way”. However, the ears of the translator “Google” did not listen to these song titles. Instead, much to the delight of Halsey, they translated “‘Unwed Woman”, “Soft Head” and, our favorite, “I Desire Roads”.

Певица Холзи исполнила песни с шуточными вставками на шоу с Джимми Фэллоном
In recently called “an unmarried woman” iconic lines of Madonna, like “Like a virgin / and your heartbeat / Next to mine” has become “an Unmarried woman… when your Boobs hurt, they are close”. In spite of that, Halsey put his unique vision to a new song of the Queen of pop. She invested that same energy in a distorted version of the song for the duet “I Want It That Way” (meaning “I Desire Roads”) with host Jimmy Falloon, 45. You can watch the magic below!
During the show, Halsey explained why she stepped out of her comfort zone to publish otografia your kissing 33-year-old boyfriend Evan Peters in Instagram January 20! It was just “appropriate”, given that it was the birthday of the stars of “American horror story”, Halsey explained, briefly answering the question.

Halsey was invited to late night talk show, where she promoted her new album, “Manic”! 16-track LP was released on January 17 and has already released several hits such as “Graveyard” and “Without Me”. New album — her third album — “on the present: and the real world and its real” how to fight for a place in it as a young woman, as she commented in detail in a publication of the American magazine dedicated to the world of music and pop culture “Rolling Stone”.

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