Группа Aerosmith оказалась в центре скандала: участники судятся между собой

Группа Aerosmith оказалась в центре скандала: участники судятся между собой

2020 for the legendary band Aerosmith began not with the most pleasant of events. Joey Kramer, who all the years of its existence, the group worked as a drummer, sued the other members of the team. The drummer said that his colleagues are breaking the contract that was signed years earlier.

As reported by the Western media, a statement from Joey’s adopted us marine figures from Themis. In his lawsuit, Kramer argues that in the spring of 2019, he received a serious hand injury where I had to leave careers, and groups, respectively. All concerts and rehearsals until the autumn passed without it. In September of 2019, he fully rehabilitated and wanted to go back to the group for further work. However, the band Aerosmith was sharply refused, moreover, all future shows have been scheduled without the participation of Joey. The drummer realized that thus he was fired from work and was outraged, he believes that a colleague has violated the contract he signed at the beginning of a career.

Carter also hurt the statement that the January 27, 2020, he will not be able together with the staff to come to the stage of the prestigious award “Grammy”. The band Aerosmith will perform on their own, taking the place of the drummer of another person. About this injustice, he also wrote in his statement in court. Joey doesn’t want any monetary compensation, he’s just so indignant at the behavior of colleagues, as well as the fact that he was deprived of dreams. The fact that the drummer all his life dreamed of performing on such a large and serious event.

This statement was responded to by the representatives of the group Aerosmith, assuring that the information, which Joey says is untrue. The band never denied him joint performances.

The musicians explained that the attitude of Kramer as his own brother. Just for six months, he was not ready neither morally, nor physically to be with a team. It was asked many times to join the group, but he could not. Now, when the time before the presentation at the event “Grammy” there are very few, they can’t afford to take Joey to speak. All the rehearsals took place without him, and it means that important night, he may not do their job.

The team also said that an appeal to the court by Joey Kramer was a very disrespectful thing to do. The band has been around for 51 years and always considered their team a big happy family, which do not do that. They are very upset and are offended by her colleague.

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