Kanye West plans to save humanity with the help of shoes

Канье Уэст планирует спасти человечество при помощи обуви

I guess we should be glad that I live in a time when doing Kanye West.

The rapper, who unashamedly calls himself practically a God, is preparing a new project, able to save all of humanity.

West have several years of experience in design. Recently, the head musician came up with a brilliant idea which will improve the existence of the human race in just one hundred years.”

“I want the persecution ended,” said West, explaining that in his childhood was terribly jealous of those who have clothes was better than his. It turns out that using your knowledge, Kanye will create something that will equalize people, at least in terms of appearance.

To help the West implement its ideas beduet American Shoe discounter PaylessShoeSource. As stated in the statement of rapper-Messiah, he is going to use your knowledge of the fashion trends for the benefit of people who can’t afford designer things.

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