Ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart has complained that she stole her fashionable image

Экс-подружка Кристен Стюарт пожаловалась, что та украла ее модный образ

The appearance of Kristen Stewart on the red carpet at the Cannes film festival for the premiere of the film “Personal shopper” has caused many a shock. At that time, as most of the representatives of the film industry try to show themselves only with the best and winning parties, wearing expensive dresses, jewelry worth several hundred thousand dollars, the star of “Twilight” decided to shock.

To do that Kristen has turned out very well.

Экс-подружка Кристен Стюарт пожаловалась, что та украла ее модный образ

In front of photographers Stuart was dressed in a very unusual way: for the premiere the actress wore a dress from Chanеl with massive sleeves-wings, which is not what gave Chris the angelic fragility, and gave excessive volume and distorted its proportions.

Much worse things with makeup and hair. According to most observers, commenting after the event, Stuart looked painful – his eyes appeared inflamed, and the head is dirty.

To add fuel to the fire when discussing the image of Kristen decided to pour her ex Soko (Stephanie Sokolinski), with whom the actress met only a few months.

She accused Chris of plagiarism, and even provided evidence.

Soko has published the entry in Twitter, which mocked attempt by Kristen to use her image.

“When she’s trying so hard to copy your makeup and styling, and I’m like,” ahaha, stop it!” – written by ex-Stuart, having attached to record a photo of yourself in the same way. However, later the image was deleted.

Fans of Stewart have suggested that such small criticisms of Soko makes celebrities out of jealousy, resentment that their relationship did not exist and were most likely completed it Kristen.


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