Кейли Куоко госпитализировали посреди медового месяца

1 July, 32-year-old star of the television series “the big Bang Theory” kaley cuoco for the second time married, this time to the son of a billionaire and the owner of the company for software development Carl cook. Not had a honeymoon after the wedding to begin, as the actress ended up in the hospital. She was hospitalized in need of urgent surgical intervention.

Кейли Куоко госпитализировали посреди медового месяца

The actress posted a photo to his instagram, where you lie on a hospital bed. “When I underwent surgery in a private honeymoon and your husband are very happy that you’re on your way to recovery. Thank you all for your love and support,” writes the actress. It also shows her husband kaylie.

The situation led to the confusion of fans, but the star quickly explained everything. She said that he had gone through a shoulder surgery and now is recovering. Her husband, who smiles in pictures, not gloating like some might think, but simply rejoices at the recovery of his wife. She also conveyed gratitude for the love and support received during hospitalization.

What is the diagnosis, the actress got to the hospital she did not specify, but the media suggest that the hospitalization was sudden: it was too upset about was Kaylee. Now the actress is already discharged and is at home. Her husband bestows care and trying to ease the painful expectation of recovery.

Кейли Куоко госпитализировали посреди медового месяца
And while the stars are enjoying the “forced” time at home, kaylie never ceases to make jokes and put funny videos on your profile instagram. One of them Carl is trying to make sweetheart the most simple hairstyle — ponytail, but he is not very successful. And the next video, the girl gave a mini-survey, which jokingly asked the subscribers if his wife sympathizes with cook.

Recall the details of the wedding ceremony the fans of the stars can learn through instagram, where Kaylee put the pictures of the wedding.

Kayleigh and Carl began Dating in the spring of 2016 after meeting at one of the show jumping competition. In an interview on The Talk show in September of last year, the actress said: “I finally meet a guy who loves horses as much as I do. He is a talented rider and a wonderful person. We have a common passion for horses, dogs and a lot of other Hobbies and shit.”

In the beginning of December last year it became known about the engagement kaylie and Carl. “After almost two years together I finally found the courage to ask her to marry me. This is the best night of my life and, judging by the video, the best night for Kaylee. She said Yes!” wrote Carl under the video on instagram, where Kaylee in tears shows the ring on his finger. For kaley cuoco this is the second marriage. At the end of 2013 — three months after the start of the relationship — the actress was married to Ryan Sweeting. The ceremony took place in Santa Susanna, California, luxury ranch Hummingbird Nest. “The best night of my life!” then said the bride, dressed in airy pink wedding dress Vera Wang. But after only 21 months after the wedding, their romantic tale has come to an end.