Аманду Сейфред травили в школе из-за бледности

In addition to acting, the 32-year-old Amanda Seyfried has excellent appearance, which is a success. But it was not always so. It turns out that in childhood she was poisoned because of too pale color of the skin.

Аманду Сейфред травили в школе из-за бледности

Says the actress, in school, she was ridiculed because of pallor and ugliness. Because of this, it acquired the complexes, which until now did not share much, even despite the fact that the skin became darker.

Complexes and taunts of peers is not affected for the future Amanda. The unusual appearance attracted a modeling Agency. In 11 years she became a model in Allentown, Pennsylvania. After some time, the future actress was working for one of the largest modeling agencies in new York. But the model become Amanda was not, so at age 15 she made her debut in the TV series “As the world turns”. Acting brought her much more than advertising photography. At the age of 17 she decided to stop being a model.

Great success in acting career and many successful films has not helped the actress to get rid of complexes, which led to the diagnosis of “obsessive compulsive disorder”. But the birth of his daughter Nina in March last year helped to cope with illness. The birth of a child was a real challenge for the actress, which she carefully prepared. “In my life there are many other things that dulled the attacks. I have now much less time worrying and looping. There has been some grounding and sobering” — she said in an interview with the Daily Mail.

First the actress showed rounded tummy, appearing at the Givenchy luncheon, held in new York in a slinky black dress that emphasized her well rounded form.

And in an interview with “Vogue,” Amanda admitted that is engaged to the father of their unborn child theater actor Thomas’s Sadoski and actively preparing for the wedding. The pair met at one of the rehearsals in mid-2015. They starred in one Broadway show called “the Way We Get By”. However, until March 2016 they did not give any reason for the rumors about their romantic relationship.
With Sadoski they got engaged in early fall of 2016, according to Seyfried, the future of marriage is an event that she waits for with great anticipation. According to her, they never had anything so desperately wanted in my life. The famous couple tied the knot right after the birth of their first child.
Hollywood actress is absolutely not worried about choosing a wedding dress, as she repeatedly had to play in the movie brides. For her acting career she had to try on more than one style of wedding dress, not to mention the regular outputs on the red carpet, appearances at charity events and premieres. Last year just hosted one such event – the charity ball of the Institute costume where Seyfried was dressed in a wedding dress.