Линдси Лохан отметила 32-летие

Despite the fact that Lindsay Lohan at this point alone, it is fully plunged into the business. The actress has opened a nightclub on the Greek island of Mykonos, where they celebrated his birthday. Lohan turned 32, and she pointed them to the fullest.

Линдси Лохан отметила 32-летие

In a nightclub Lohan Beach House star celebrated his birthday with friends and family: birthday present mother Dina Lohan and younger sister, 24-year-old Aliana. In Instagram, the star shared a video in which Aliana, swimming in the Aegean sea, playing with children ball, Lindsay signed it: “Best gift for my birthday — my sister, which surprised me, arriving at Mykonos”.

The last time Lohan was interviewed on a talk show Wendy Williams and talked about their plans for the future. She also narrated about her family. Many years Lindsay had not talked with his father, but in the Studio happily announced to the audience that was reconciled with him. Her parents first divorced when the future actress was three years, and then reunited. However, in 2005, decided to live separately, and in 2007 finally divorced. The actress believes that it is better to give parents the opportunity to deal with their problems. “I think the parents have their relationship, which should not be involved with children. We need to step back and let the parents figure out everything in between… we all Have now excellent relations,” said Lindsey my point of view on account of the situation prevailing in her family. Words Lindsay directly heard parents who were sitting in the hall.

As mentioned earlier, Lohan wants to build your business. Until that time, she did not disclose details. Now, the actress said that it plans not one small project. The actress wants to create “the island of Lohan” in the Persian Gulf near Dubai. For example Donald trump she wants to build an Empire, calling it by its name.

“I love the life in new York, but I like peace of mind, which find in the middle East. In Dubai they don’t watch me camera, so I can focus on myself,” previously told Lindsay about life in Dubai.

No problem to go to Dubai Lohan has failed. Foreign media reported that behind the actress left debts to the United States. The amount accumulated is not small, or rather more than 100 thousand dollars. Lindsay hasn’t paid his bills for three years — 2010, 2014 and 2015, which the gave out fine with not a small amount. She Lohan does not call their actions as the escape and blames it all on his Manager. According to the actress, she did not know about the accumulated debt, and her Manager they did not understand.