Кейли Куоко поделилась с фанатами забавными воспоминаниями

Кейли Куоко поделилась с фанатами забавными воспоминаниями

Actress, producer and Creator of the new TV show The Flight Attendant after a hard and fruitful work decided to go on vacation in Rome. In one of his last posts in Instagram celebrity told the fans about curiosity, which occurred during the filming of the show.

Under the photo she said that once colleagues went to a bar to celebrate a good end to the working week and so carried away talking that you don’t immediately smelled something burning.

The actress admitted, she thought that the kitchen someone just burned toast, krivaja face she just said, “EW, what stinks around here?”. And then she noticed how sharply began to increase eyes at the girlfriend, who was sitting across from her. However, the girl did not even have time to tell you how behind someone jumped on Kaylee. The actress admitted, the guy was just stroking her back, and she did not suspect anything bad. The people around started screaming “Fire, fire, fire”, in Italian it sounds like Fuoco. The celebrity was kidding herself over him, saying that her vanity was flattered, because at that moment, she only heard his name and thought that because of popularity, everyone wants to be photographed with her and get an autograph.

Kaylee admitted that her hair were in order, only due to the fact that was collected in the tail, and even before she washed her hair and did not cause any special tools. Otherwise I would have flashed the whole head.

The situation occurred due to the fact that Kaylee’s hair accidentally touched a candle that stood behind her. Celebrity said they had seen a lot of movies in which the women have light hair. However, she always thought, “What an idiot, how could be so close to the fire?”. Now she was in this situation and understand that can’t always control what is happening around. At the end of the post the actress added that this situation brought her closer to the fire.

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