Блейк Лайвли появилась на показе нового фильма «Ритм-секция» после рождения 3-го ребенка

Blake lively back on red carpet! According to reports after the fall of 2019, she became the mother of three children, Blake appeared at the premiere of “rhythm Section” in new York on January 27.
Whether it was the premiere of “Gentlemen prefer blondes” or “the Rhythm section”? While the answer is the second movie, the leading movie star Blake lively, 32, looked like she could be a body double for Marilyn Monroe in the famous film blondes 1953 at the premiere of the Thriller “The Rhythm Section” in new York January 27! Blake took during the us more than half a century ago, posing on the red carpet in a dress Dolce & Gabbana strapless, made of elegant black suede, which combined with her long black leather gloves. Marilyn often chose a very similar view — albeit in pink — this iconic dance scene in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes!

The presence of Blake at the screening of her new movie, which took place in Brooklyn Academy of music, also marked her first appearance on the red carpet, as she recently gave birth to her third child from a 43 – year-old husband Ryan Reynolds! Blake and Ryan reportedly met his third completion in August 2019, according to a report in Us Weekly, although the parents never made a formal announcement of the birth. Small, whose name is still unknown, joins Blake and two other children Ryan: son James Reynolds, 4 years, and daughter, Inez Reynolds, 2 years.
Full 180 degrees from the red carpet on Monday night, Blake chooses the image of a laid back hair and some kinds of heavy and massive accessories on the neck, in addition to easy face makeup at the premiere of her new film — the spy Thriller. The film is about a revenge mission performed by the character Blake, Stephanie Patrick, when she tracks down those guilty in the crash that killed her entire family. For this trip required a new identity and a professional kicking, so fans will see Blake in a completely different light!
To Blake on the big screen will join Jude law, which teaches your character how to become a killer, and sterling K. brown, who, it seems, makes the movie a love interest. Blake and sterling even participate in the rich makeup session at some point (of course, the image of the character), as you can see from the trailer of the film, shot on January 21. “The rhythm section” will appear in theaters in cinemas from January 31.

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