Брат Ники Минаж приговорен к 25 годам лишения свободы: мужчина насиловал 11-летнюю падчерицу

Брат Ники Минаж приговорен к 25 годам лишения свободы: мужчина насиловал 11-летнюю падчерицу

Jelani Maraj native is the older brother of well-known rap singer Nicki Minaj. The man was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the systematic sexual abuse of 11-year-old girl. She was his stepdaughter and was making accusations against him in 2017. The jury has nominated the verdict about his guilt two years ago, but only now the court proved his guilt. As the main witness was the brother of the victim girl.

The famous sister Jelani did not appear in court for a hearing on sentencing his own brother. Representatives of the singer and Nicki herself has not commented on the situation. Why wasn’t she in the building of the meeting is unknown. However, in court, the lawyer Maria read a letter from Minaj, which was written by her in 2016. Then the singer in your own words wanted to achieve leniency for his brother. In his letter, Nicky reports that gentle, sincere and patient man she knows her brother the best and selfless man who would never have gone to violence child.

Of course, this letter could not affect the judge’s decision. Since Nicky is the sister and evidence of fault Jelani present.

The man to take responsibility for what he did not want and denies his guilt. Jelani and the lawyer said that his client will apply for an appeal in the near future, as the court’s decision, he disagrees.

Mara asked the court for clemency, saying that he was very remorseful for the pain that might cause. In his defense, he said that at that period of his life he was sick, and it suffered from an excessive use of alcohol. However, evidence that he was treated for alcohol dependence do not exist, as for help to the experts it is not addressed.

11-year-old girl, a former stepdaughter of Maria made a statement against him in court, even in 2017. She said that the man quite often committed violent acts against her will. It happened in the moment when Jelani was married to her mother. After the woman learned about the actions of her husband, she immediately filed for divorce.

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