Justin Timberlake has admitted in past “sins”

Джастин Тимберлейк признался в прошлых «грехах»
The singer has hinted at a possible reunion of the group NSYNC.

The NSINK group


Recently 37-year-old Justin Timberlake took part in
the opening “Stars” on the walk of Fame in Hollywood in honor of the group NSYNC , thanks
which he became, in his time, famous. Although the members of the famous
once the band not performing together for more than 15 years, to the ceremony,
delighting fans who had gathered the full group. Arrived here — he Timberlake, lance bass, Chris Kirkpatrick, Jaci Chazes and Joey Faton.

When the time came to Justin, he’s hot
I thanked my mother because she helped him to achieve success. “And I
I want to thank my beautiful wife and mother of our son, Jessica Biel. I love you so much!” added Timberlake.
Then fans gathered for the ceremony, began to chant: “Reunited!”.
What Justin said mysteriously: “I hope and looking forward to that
can still occur!” What fans understand as an allusion to the possibility of resuming
joint performances of group members.

And during the show from Ellen DeGeneres on the opening
the stars on the walk of Fame,
Timberlake surprised fans. It all started with the fact that the TV presenter was involved all the
five members of the group in a game where participants were given tricky questions to
who had to answer honestly — raising one of the two cards. At first
it was written: “Yes, I did it!”, and the second: “No, never!” And so, when Ellen
asked whether anyone of them was having an affair with one of the Spice Girls,
Justin, the only of the five that terrible
confused. And then, after hesitating for some time, picked up the first card… True, he
Timberlake refused to say the word “peppercorns”. But the truth is unwittingly revealed in his
an interview with Emma bunton, which was once called Baby Spice. She did not deny the rumor of her affair with
Justin. What was your reaction to this revelation Jessica Biel, a novel which
Timberlake began about 11 years ago, is still unknown.