Джастин Теру уже нашел замену Дженнифер Энистон!
The actor dumped actress for the young artist

Джастин Теру уже нашел замену Дженнифер Энистон!

Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux


Petra Collins


After it became known about the impending divorce
Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux, fans began to speculate about the possible causes
their break-up. The main version was the theory that the spouses are too different: so much so that they even lived
separately. But in real life it was like a movie. On the way Jennifer aniston stood another woman.

As reported by the Western media, Justin really
twisted new novel. The beloved 46-year-old Theroux was a 25-year-old artist from
New York Peter Collins. Recently they were seen together at dinner, and Justin just glowed with happiness:
to witnesses, it looked literally obsessed with my new passion. Before
breaking up with aniston, he’s in his Instagram posted a picture where
said a new love.

Meanwhile, Jennifer aniston is preparing to divorce.
The actress and Justin Theroux who announced their separation last month, were able
to agree on a very important issue. If the other divorcing spouse
usually fighting over custody of their “children”, that aniston and Theroux, who have
no children, fiercely fought over “custody” over their Pets.
And the fact that they were able finally to agree on this item, means that
now they just have to settle in court formalities, because under section
property disputes they have not expected, because they signed before their wedding
marriage contract.

49-year-old Jennifer and 46-year-old Justin had
earn a reputation as a passionate pet lovers. Theroux on his
the page on the social network much more often writes about the dogs than about anything
other. “Animals in General and Pets in particular, are much more important
to me than most people!” — said the actor in an interview last year.
And aniston, when she was still with Theroux, once said that once she has
her husband and favorite dog, she no longer has to dream of. And now, when my husband
she broke up, she left only her