Новорожденной дочке Эммануила Виторгана потребовался очень мощный оберег
The successor to the 78-year-old actor needs protection from the evil eye.

Новорожденной дочке Эммануила Виторгана потребовался очень мощный оберег

Photo: @Instagram emmanuil_vitorgan of Emmanuel Vitorgan

Became the parents of Emmanuel Vitorgan with his wife Irina feel a lot of pressure from the public after the birth of a long awaited daughter — Ethel. Many people criticize them for what they became parents in advanced age: the Pope is 78 years old, and my mom 56. And although Irina admitted that the last twenty years, she was treated and physically could not get pregnant (a miracle happened just now), to the famous family sounds a lot of hurtful words. This negativity did not affect newborn baby, Emanuel Gedeonovich recently gave a reliable guardian for children.

The actor spoke about the unusual purchase. Now in his house kept figure of a stork with a baby that needs to protect Ethel. “Here is a very beautiful product stork carrying a baby, gave our little Ettelijke stone Selenite, a very powerful talisman for children. It is made different children’s toys”, — said the artist.

Exclusive! 55-year-old Irina Vitorgan explained why were able to have a child now

Earlier, Irina talked about how, for someone like Ethel. “When I read that Ethel means — noble, I realized that my choice of name “get the point” Emmanuel we have such a noble and his daughter is like him — the same dark hair, Lomachenko, it is the same as Hummocky nose, lips and forehead (forehead she the same as her nephew of Plato — we have another ultrasound noticed), told 7days.ru Irina. — My daughter is very calm and educated: virtually no crying – eat and sleep. When I was taking her from the hospital, she only once cried quickly and calmed down. Of course, we are infinitely happy.”