Justin Bieber wrote a poem Hayley, appreciated by the writer

Джастин Бибер написал поэму Хэйли, которую оценил писатель

With whom did not happen? When love abounds, almost everyone wants to write a poem about your feelings, though if he has talent and a sense of rhyme. Justin Bieber is so in love with his wife Haley that he decided to devote a small romantic poem, which was published on his page in instagram…for the third time.

Джастин Бибер написал поэму Хэйли, которую оценил писатель

The photo of Haley posing in front of the Eiffel tower.
“Sunlight falls into the abyss
As I fall into your lips.
Waves breaking on the shore,
My love grows for you more and more.
The sound of crickets — true comfort.
I think of you, you’re the best thing in this world,
When you fall into this blissful state…
I think that you’re my only soul mate.
It’s getting too dark to see.
Cold wind embraces me.
The smell of fresh daisies from the garden.
My life is a movie in which we removed.
Speaking of stars, I begin to see some of them
They light up the sky, reminding me of my freedom.
How great and how vast the world around us.
We are so grateful to God, because when we lost, He found us.
So I write poetry, always remembering Him.”

Edition The Cut spoke with a Professor at one of the colleges Jeffrey McDaniel, who reviewed the poem. Specifically criticize the author of five books about writing did not, and only said that the verse has potential. Jeffrey said that it would be better Bieber stopped at one verse and not the whole poem. “The author acknowledges that he and her lover in the trap of fame. The paradox is that he decided to share these intimate moments on the social network, thereby exacerbating the situation”, — comments on the deed, Bieber McDaniel.

Recall that the first of April, the artist was fun. Justin Bieber decided to play a joke on the fans and told the world that his wife Hayley was pregnant! Probably a couple of crazy with laughter, but many took the “news” seriously!

Looks like she spouse Bieber wasn’t aware of the joke and under a fake ultrasound photo on instagram of her husband wrote: “Very funny.” Congratulate Bieber took a star, and the singer decided to continue his drawing. In the next post Justin posted a series of photos depicting his wife on a chair the doctor. “If you thought it was a joke,” commented a photo of Bieber.

But for a long time to play their subscribers and the entire star world Justin failed! The last post on the first of April became another ultrasound, which clearly shows…puppy!

Recall that recently on instagram Justin posted a photo of his wife Hayley, and got a nasty review. One of the fans said that Bieber took Hailey’s wife because he wants Selena back! He has explained the situation: “Why should I devote my life to in marriage, one girl to return to her former?.. You should be ashamed of themselves… I loved and still love Selena.”

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