Amber heard in detail told how johnny Depp was beaten and choked her

Эмбер Херд в деталях рассказала, как Джонни Депп избивал и душил её
32-year-old amber heard decided to once again talk in detail about how the monster johnny Depp mocked her, and how many problems appeared in the actress’s life because of a quarrel with the influential lover.

Эмбер Херд в деталях рассказала, как Джонни Депп избивал и душил её

We will remind, at the moment, amber continues to plead with 55-year-old johnny Depp.

Johnny also did not sit straight and filed against the ex-wife’s libel suit. Depp gave the court the 87 entries that were made on a hidden camera in the house, where it is clear that amber herself had shown aggression towards Depp and climbed towards him with his fists first.

Эмбер Херд в деталях рассказала, как Джонни Депп избивал и душил её

Hurd made a step back, as if savoring the details, told how Depp was beaten and choked her. Moreover heard claims that Depp was in a condition of narcotic and alcoholic intoxication.

“When he was using, I was worried about both of us. He became a different person, obsessed and cruel. We called this version of johnny a monster… He often forgot about his delusional behavior when sober… I loved him, believed his promises to be better and were wrong,”

– crying amber.

Эмбер Херд в деталях рассказала, как Джонни Депп избивал и душил её

Hurd remembered one of the biggest fights of 2015 in an apartment in Los Angeles:

“Johnny again started a fight with me. Threw me in a carafe, scattered all the things in the room and banged his fist on the wall. Struck me hard, grabbed me by the hair and dragged him from the stairs to the office, living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom for guests. Ripped some of my hair. I tried to calm johnny… He hit me in the head again and dragged him by the hair of the steps… Every time he knocked me down, I stood and looked him in the eye… I told him I can no longer put up with his behavior and quit. In response, johnny grabbed me by the throat and threw him on the floor…”.

The actress was outraged by the words of Depp that photo of bruises were fake, she recalls that johnny was beating her in front of the sisters of ember

“People called me a liar. I got kicked out of their advertising campaign fashion brand. I lost the role in the film. I am so often threatened with death, almost every week I had to change the phone number. People have accused me of slander. I never attacked johnny was only defending himself… I was trying to fight on the side of good in the world — to speak out against domestic violence. Sought to use his fame to speak out about violence in public.”

Unfortunately, judging by the rhetoric, writing articles on Western sites, most prefer to take the side of Depp, and not beaten the herd. Can be for the reason that the behavior of amber could really bring johnny to a deranged state? What do you think?

At the moment Depp now requires heard $ 50 million and trying to prove to the court that the entire campaign against his ex-wife is doing just for the sake of self-promotion.

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