Джастин Бибер вошел в историю с 10-миллиардным рекордом

Justin Bieber for a long time all sorts of ways trying to show us that he is a bad boy. Two years later, not about the behavior, the singer admitted that she dreams to get on the path to reform and again to earn the attention of fans with their creativity and not controversial antics.

It seems that this move was very successful as Bieber helped, even actively touring, become a billionaire…but not dollar and a billionaire by the total number of views video platform VEVO / YouTube.

So, Justin went down in history with such an incredible indicator.

To install this, without doubt, an impressive record, Justin Bieber took more than 6 years — exactly 2316 days ago in the VEVO catalog appeared in his first video, and since then, new music video singer regularly collects hundreds of thousands of views. From all the clips of Justin Bieber almost 4 billion views occur in videos from his latest album, Purpose. Moreover, just 3 clips of Justin to date has already gathered more than a billion hits each. Including his new song What Do You Mean.

By the way, the closest on the number of clips to Bieber performers today are Katy Perry and Taylor swift. These three artist are the only representatives of the music industry, clips of which can boast a billion hits.

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