Elizabeth Olsen spoke about the affair with Tom Hiddleston

Элизабет Олсен рассказала о романе с Томом Хиддлстоном

Fans of British hunk Tom Hiddleston for many years ears and irrevocably in love with the actor. While on the ring finger of the Volumes have not appeared in the ring, indicating that he got married, almost every fan in the place of his bride sees herself.

What grief was for most of them, when on the Internet with great force began to write about what heart smiling Briton conquered one of the sisters Olsen.

Tom and Elizabeth for at least the year is credited with a novel. The stars themselves for a long time did not comment on these reports. On the same day Olsen broke down and responded to the suspicions of the public in its relationship with Hiddleston.

“Honestly, all these rumors for me are: a bunch of strangers says a lot of nonsense about what has no idea, the actress said. And some are very concerned about this. They have some personal interest. Well. To be honest, Tom and I get along very well. And I would love to work with him again.”

Recall, Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen met four years ago at one of the auditions. However, none of them for the role and not approved. But at that point the actors realized that they have much in common and they would very much like to work together. And literally at the beginning of last year, their wish was fulfilled. Tom and Elizabeth have played a married couple in a biographical drama about the legend of country music Hank Williams “I saw the light”. And in may the network rumors that celebrities meet.

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