Джастин Бибер изводил канадских соседей

Neighbors infamous canadian singer Justin Bieberbarely wait for his departure, were not the first guy who got his antics. Then the Americans began to gather petitions to send vocal problem walking home in Canada, but canadian neighbors hope never will see.

Джастин Бибер изводил канадских соседей
Justin grew up in Stratfort, Ontario, where he lived with his mother Patti and her parents Bruce and Diane Dale. One of the neighbors of Justin’s family described him as “relentless walking problem”.
“I can’t do anything good to tell about Justin. I’m just happy that he’s gone and I hope never in my life not to see” — said the neighbor, who wished to conceal his name reporters of the Daily Mail.
According to him, Distin constantly “littered their pool cores, and scared the cat half to death..”

“We have often warned friends on the phone: “Be careful, Justin went for a walk” said the neighbor.
Bieber was not too inventive. Like all boys his age, he called the neighbours, forcing them to open the door, and ran away.
“This guy three times pelted my house with eggs. If we were to go on vacation with the family, he definitely played on my lawn. After one winter break I found sixteen pucks for hockey in the snow” — said a disgruntled neighbor. He was also revolted by the behavior of a Tomboy – he never apologized, just did what he wanted.
“To blame his mother. She’s got the brains of ten girls. He always allowed, never set the framework and not taught how to do. If I complained about it, she always sided with the son just because n said not done this. I looked at her as if from another planet. I hope they never come back,” he said.

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