Регина Тодоренко решилась на необычную процедуру
Leading of the project “heads and Tails. Around the world” overcame my fear of snakes.

Regina Todorenko

Photo: Website of “heads and Tails. Around the world”

Regina Todorenko once again stepped over my own fears. What she had to do on the set of the show “heads and Tails”: there are insects to escape from the criminals, to sleep in a tent in the highlands… the Girl is like trying to catch herself on a “weak”: I could.

And this time, being in the Philippines, Regina decided on an unusual procedure: snake massage! And all anything, if the girl to death was not afraid of creeping reptiles. Of course, for the life of the TV presenter didn’t have to fear, because the guides assured her that the snake she will not do anything. But it’s impossible not to worry when you are crawling two snakes, each of which weighs almost more than Regina herself!

Actually this is a pretty popular pastime in one of the zoos in the Philippines. Usually this massage is done by Burmese pythons. Before the procedure, fill them fed with chickens that they have not taken man for their food. Even this Python can easily “swallow” the person entirely. By the way, for the “service” doesn’t even have to pay. The Board is the courage willing to receive such an unusual massage.

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