Джастин Бибер лечится от депрессии

Marriage Hayley Bolotin and Justin Bieber is advertised everywhere. The stars recently graced their first joint Vogue cover and gave a Frank interview. Bieber admitted that during the tour he was attacked by a terrible depression, with which to cope on their own, he can. Sources for Western media rushed to explain what caused a worsening of depression.

Джастин Бибер лечится от депрессии

“I was very depressed on tour. I’m not talking about it, and I still a lot of work, don’t talk about it. I was all alone. I needed time,” explained the singer in an interview. The saddest thing is that even a secret marriage with Haley’s not helped Bieber to fully recover from depression. The sources People that the model is neither here nor there and the singer is happy with her. “It’s not for Haley – he’s a very happy marriage with her. It’s just something he struggles mentally. He receives good care and treatment. He is sure that he will soon feel better,” says the source.

Another source assured that everything is due to “childhood trauma.” Bieber became famous very early and was confronted with hatred in his side. This was the cause of the doldrums. “He started out as the typical cute canadian teen. He was such a great kid, very nice, very polite and kind to all around. Thank completely changed him. He had access to everything and he was surrounded by people who just say “Yes”. Especially watching him with his fans, they’re watching his every move, his face constantly camera — it’s hard for Justin”.

In an interview for Vogue, Bieber said: “I struggled with the feeling that people are using me that they want to get something from me and then use it against me. One of the important things for me is confidence. I’ve made some bad decisions in itself and in the relationship. These errors affected my confidence in their judgments. I even find it difficult to trust Haley. We worked on this. And it’s great, isn’t it? I’m emotionally unstable. I struggle with everything. I just feel that I care and I want everything to be very good, that people loved me. Haley is a very logical and structured, that I need. I need something that I can be sure. And this is my baby Boo”.

And Haley told readers that in a long time relationship they were just friends, but in the other something happened. “There was a time when I entered the room, and he came from there. But in the summer we met again and I just hugged him. He told me: “We can’t be friends.” I love him very much. I loved him a long time.”

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