Софию Ричи сравнивают с Кортни Кардашьян

About ten years businessman Scott Disick met Kourtney Kardashian, who bore him two children. 2017 Scott is Dating Sofia Richie, which is constantly compared with his ex. This time the star was accused of plagiarism!

Yesterday at on the page of Sofia posted a selfie. Ordinary photos turned into a topic for heated discussions. The fans of the stars caught Richie plagiarism, because a photo with a similar pose was page Kourtney Kardashian!

But the star it does not hurt. In his Instagram Scott posted a photo where you are resting, along with Courtney and Sophia! Under the photo he wrote: “What more could a guy want. COMPANY THREE”. The community is in shock! As the two girls managed to get along? By the way, one of the Kardashian sisters have spoken on a joint vacation stars. “We are proud of them!!!! Love it!! Your children first!! So grown-up!!!” — said Chloe (34) on his Twitter page.

An insider for Hollywoodlife reveals the curtain on the couple and told how it really is made up of Courtney and Sophia: “Courtney realized that she better not argue with Sophia, and just try to accept the choice of Scott. It would be better for all. For Courtney always in the first place was her children, so at first she was worried that they were comfortable. And Kim convinced his sister that it was time to bury the hatchet and make up with Courtney. So now they can rest together!” the source stated.

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