Джастин Бибер сделал предложение девушке Justin Bieber decided to marry Hailey Baldwin after the next reunification. Eyewitnesses reported that the actor had proposed to his beloved during dinner in a restaurant in the Bahamas, and she said Yes.
Джастин Бибер сделал предложение девушке

Justin Bieber has long been considered the holder of the title of chief Lovelace the United States. He meets the most beautiful girls of the world, changing them as gloves every two to three months. The exception was only Selena Gomez, with whom the singer periodically met and parted for the last eight years.

However, to the altar 24-year-old Justin follow me not the star of teen comedies, and the niece of Alec Baldwin, supermodel Hailey Baldwin. At least this was reported by several people vacationing in the Bahamas, where he now hides from the limelight, happy couple.

According to eyewitnesses, Bieber made an offer to the 21-year-old lady during a dinner in one of the restaurants in the Bahamas. The guards star asked all those present to remove the phone, and then Justin got down on one knee. Haley, of course, said Yes.

Джастин Бибер сделал предложение девушке

Later in the Internet appeared the image, which you may notice a gorgeous ring on the ring finger of Hailey. Jewelry with a huge precious stone obviously cost several hundred thousand dollars.

However, while not reported, when will one of the biggest weddings of the world. Representatives of the star has not confirmed the information about the engagement, but, my dad did Bieber. July 8, he posted a photo of the son with the caption, hinting at the imminent celebration.

“I am proud of Justin — that is an understatement! In anticipation of the next Chapter,” wrote the father of the musician.

The mother of the artist is also not left behind. In one of the social networks she wrote “Love, love, love” — thus confirming that the heir to a huge change.

For the first time about the affair of Justin and Hayley began to say in 2015, after the musician issued a joint photo with the model in which they passionately kissed. Despite the fact that fans regularly saw them together, Bieber refused to acknowledge a romantic relationship with the model. It only happened after their break-up in 2016. Then the singer said that the gap occurred because of his busy touring schedule.

Well, in 2017 the whole world is already discussing the revival of the relationship of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. For longtime boyfriend the singer even left a popular musician The Weekend. Despite another attempt to find a joint happiness, the star couple broke up, and after a few days Justin had a rest in the company of Hayley.

At this point, Bieber and Baldwin are Dating a little over a month. Apparently, for a musician that was enough to see the sincerity of feelings towards Hayley.

According to the information portal TMZ, the wedding will take place this year. However, knowing the impermanence of Justin Bieber, fans are expecting that soon he will notice in the company of a new passion.