После развода Эвелина Бледанс закрутила роман с молодым актером Evelina Bledans had an affair with Aristarkh Venison, a star of serials “kadetstvo” and “the Kremlin cadets”. The actors spent time together at the festival in the Crimea. Their warm feelings to each other the stars do not hide, and the difference in age at 21, they just do not bother.
После развода Эвелина Бледанс закрутила роман с молодым актером

As it became known, heart presenter again not free. Evelina happy in a relationship with a young lover – a 28-year-old actor, known for the TV series “kadetstvo” and “the Kremlin cadets”, Aristarchus of wines. Last week the stars came together for the festival “Scarlet sails Artek”, which was held in the Crimea in the 26 th time. This couple was caught kissing on the red square, where Bledans came to support the artist during a football match.

“Evelina and Aristarchus have long been familiar, they are together involved in the play “the Inclement weather or Mating season penguins”. And the plot of the play lovers. On this basis, and moved closer. Age difference they did not care, and common interests. Both easy-going, love to joke around with. Aristarchus communicates with the son of Evelina”little Semochko, loves to spend time with him, play”, – said the “StarHit” surrounded by couples.
После развода Эвелина Бледанс закрутила роман с молодым актером

And. and Bledans recently went through a breakup with the second halves. Actress year ago broke up with her husband Alexander Semin after seven years of relationship – he couldn’t withstand the publicity wife. Aristarchus, for a long time met with photographer Anna Gorbacheva, a gap which was going through a very painful.

Evelyn commented on its relations with Aristarchus is short.

“In my personal life I’ve been good. We with Aristarchus have a great time on the stage, and beyond,” said the actress “StarHit”.
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