Дочь Александра Серова сыграла свадьбу в США Alice Arishina shared a touching video. Some time ago, the illegitimate daughter of Alexander Serov signed with his elect, but the triumph they postponed for the summer. The bride appeared at the festival in an elegant dress sudovogo color.

Illegitimate daughter of Alexander Serov Alice were married. She lives in the United States. That’s where the ceremony was held. The pair signed a few months ago, but postponed official event. So, over the weekend, the couple organized a colorful celebration with dozens of guests.

The bride chose for the ceremony nodosae bustier dress with a full skirt, and the groom appeared in a suit of gray. In the presence of family and friends the couple exchanged vows of fidelity. Unfortunately, Michelle Serova, which communicates sometimes with Alice, couldn’t come to the wedding. According to master of ceremonies, his friend was the last who got married.

Alice Arishina filmed live and tried to ask mom not to cry. Valetina was very happy for his successor. She shared a picture taken at the wedding. Apparently, the bride posing with my family from the groom.

Alice does not communicate with Alexander Serov, therefore, did not invite him to the wedding. The girl was very frustrating that he spread negative information about her mother. “I would in his place, he never asked nothing. Whatever happens in my life, I Serov will never come,” said Alice during one of the esters.