Джастин Бибер опубликовал фото своей дочери

As suddenly as Chris brown, Justin Bieber had a baby.

On his page in Instagram 22 singer of the hit “What Do You Mean” published a picture, on which he depicted with charming toddler.

“My daughter…Just kidding”, signed singer black and white image. But fans of Bieber were not joking. In the comments immediately appeared thousands of comments, in which fans demanded Justin to dot the I and to explain, someone is still a child.

The singer to comment on something abandoned, but some, especially the attentive followers have noted that this puts the Bieber for the second time. Moreover, in the first publication, the singer called the baby “son”.

In any case, the baby of the Bieber did not provoke the cardiac arrest from his fans, quite the contrary. Many believe that the sudden fatherhood would help Justin to finally grow up and become a real man, whom at the moment he is not.

“You’d be the coolest dad, best for your baby. I feel that the sudden fatherhood would affect you the same as Chris brown. A child would change life, behavior would become more serious. It would be best that could happen”, — said the followers of Bieber.


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