Посетительница калифорнийского Диснейленда подала в суд на парк развлечений

Disneyland is not only laughter and joy, but also pain and injury. It knows its visitor Tatjana Goodall, who is now suing the amusement Park. The woman was resting, sipping cool drinks, when suddenly her head on high speed fell.. the bolt.

Goodall lost consciousness from the blow. Tatiana definitely got a concussion, but the nurse Park who examined her, recorded only a visible head injury, and stated that a concussion is excluded, because absent his characteristic vomiting. When a few minutes later Tatiana began vomiting, a health worker suggested that the visitor ate too much of something or dashed off on the rides.
In the lawsuit the victim has a claim to the captain and his safety, as well as to medical personnel, which, according to Goodall, is very unprofessional. Representatives of Disney have not commented on this incident.

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