Брат Пэрис Хилтон отправится за решетку

While older sisters Paris and Nicky Hilton are trying to build their family life, their younger brother Conrad fun as you can, including with the use of alcohol and drugs.

Starting in 2016, heir to the Empire Hilton has been repeatedly caught for the use of illegal drugs, including cocaine, marijuana and synthetic cannabinoids. Today it became known that 22 man once failed a drug test, which he is obliged to carry out three times during the year since 2014 that Conrad was the cause of the failure of the international flight.

Now Hilton will spend two months behind bars.

“Conrad Hilton was in tears when he announced the verdict in the courtroom. All this happened in front of his disappointed in the son the parent,” said the insider.

A petition to Conrad about how to replace a prison sentence house arrest was rejected.

We will remind, before the court in 2014, Konrad appeared from behind them arranged uproar in the plane.

For the flight London-Los Angeles heir of the famous names felt like a superstar and allow yourself indelicate remarks about passengers and crew. Conrad called those present in the salon “peasants”, but when flight attendants tried to calm the unruly passenger, he threatened to kill one of the crew. Such behavior, air marshals began to hate and bound the guy during the flight. When the plane landed, Conrad was charged with disorderly and inappropriate behavior.

Then OS Angeles court issued a decision which held that the Hilton Jr. must pay a fine in the amount of 5 thousand dollars, assigned 750 hours of community service and medical treatment.

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