Birthday Prince is a national holiday in Minnesota

День рождения Принса будет национальным праздником в Миннесоте

Legendary Minnesota-born singer Prince deserved to have his birthday became a national holiday. About this a few hours ago announced the state’s Governor mark Dayton< /strong>. From now on Prince’s Day will be celebrated in birthday of the singer, the seven-time Grammy winner and a great philanthropist.

It is no secret that in Hollywood the Prince is not caught, it always pulled to the origins, and therefore he stayed not in Los Angeles, and in Chanhassen, Minnesota.
“He always said that Minneapolis was his cradle, and that he will never move. Prince said, “I’ll never move.. It’s the best place on the planet for me.” Here he was who he was, and he was at home,” — said the Governor, explaining his decision.
Apart from the celebrations will continue and festivals once organised by the musician. And this year, the birthday of Prince will be celebrated in Cleveland, Ohio. Here, in the Hall of fame rock n ‘ roll, joined by the musician in 2004, will host a big music festival.
Recall that the Prince’s body was found April 21 in the Elevator of his recording Studio, where it lay about six hours. The death of a musician at the age of 57 was a shock to all. As it became known later, the reason for the Prince’s death was an overdose of medical drugs he took their own. On the eve of death, tired of their addiction, the contractor agreed to his stay in rehab, but did not have time to recover.

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