Justin Bieber cancels tour due to hospitalization

Стас Михайлов не отменит гастроли из-за госпитализации

Before a concert in Stavropol the singer has sharply jumped up pressure. The reason was burnout.

No sooner had we depart from fainting Sergey Lazarev at the concert in St. Petersburg, as it’s a new, alarming news from variety of fields. Stas Mikhailov came in the Stavropol regional hospital.

On Monday, the actor was scheduled to speak at a local concert hall. However, shortly before the show started, Stas felt the discomfort, the organizers even had to call an ambulance. Not wanting to deprive the audience of the spectacle, the first crew of doctors Mikhailov was released, having made the decision to go on stage. But it seems that the state of the artist has deteriorated. Because, when after a while the singer came second an ambulance, he accepted the offer of physicians on admission and was taken to a regional hospital. The concert was cancelled. Dr. Mikhailova has recorded a sharp jump of arterial pressure, explaining his frequent change of climate (he is in the tour), fatigue from the constant travel, fatigue.

Some fans linked the deterioration of health idol with the fact that, despite a tight schedule, he holds the post. It turned out it is not so.

“Post here at anything, – said Woman’s Day concert Director, artist Sergey Kononov. — Stas Mihaylov keeps him reasonably. Here the negative role played by fatigue and climatic features. And after what happened to break the fast Stas is not going”.

According to the same Director, now with the singer all right. He was discharged from the hospital.

“The health of the Stas normalized, continues Kononov. — Go tour in the former regime. The next concert in the Philippines scheduled for Wednesday, will be held. Otsenivaetsya performance in Stavropol moved in the fall, all purchased tickets remain valid”.

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