In America, gaining popularity the model is similar to Jolie

В Америке набирает популярность модель, похожая на Джоли

Do 21-year-old top model Mara Teigen itself is going to outshine angelina Jolie.

Mara Teigen attracted public attention after starring in the advertisement of lip gloss beauty brand sister Kim Kardashian Kylie Jenner. Then many said that it is very similar to the actress, Director and social activist angelina Jolie. In his youth, of course!

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In just a few hours after is released the video with Mara on her Instagram have begun to subscribe to Jolie fans. Currently the model has more than 570 thousand Internet subscribers. And surely this is not the limit… The more that is under each photo of the girl you will want to leave the tag #AngelinaJolie.

The reaction of Angelina Jolie in your copy is unknown. Celebrity does not conduct social media and not commented on this news.

What do you think?

Mara Teigen look like angelina Jolie?

  • Very! It is impossible to distinguish
  • Yes, there are similarities
  • If only my lips…
  • It is not likely. She just mimics angelina Jolie
  • I see nothing in common. 100% no!

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By the way, recently in a press there was information that Angelina Jolie is rapidly losing weight. Now she weighs about 35 kg and still a little there and a lot of work…

What has caused severe weight loss Jolie – with a heavy work schedule, stress or status, and health after operations, is still unknown. But I hope that very soon she will delight us with beautiful appearance. Moreover, as the sources say, brad pitt ugovarivaet wife to go to the doctors.

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